I realised I needed to sort out my conservatory quite urgently when it decided to part company with my house. There was a one inch gap between the frame and the house running all the way down one side.

I had also been living with a leaky roof for some time where one of the panes of glass had slipped. It was always freezing in there and heating the conservatory cost a fortune. I was basically heating the garden with all the gaps in the walls and roof. In summer it could get too hot so I had installed blinds at the windows and tinted glass in the ceiling, but that offered no insulation and also made it dark.

Frankly, I thought it needed knocking down and replacing with an extension. But because I work from home as a childminder, I just couldn’t spare the time to have that part of the house out of action. The children I look after play in there and need that space for their toys.

Luckily I came across Projects 4 Roofing, who offer a conservatory roof conversion. Chris, the owner, came over to see me and explained the whole process, giving me the good news that the conservatory could be saved and given a new lease of life. Even better, it would only take a week and I would be left with a warm, fully insulated room with a proper plastered ceiling that didn’t leak. It would also legally become an extension because it would meet building regulations. I was pleased that I wasn’t given a hard sell – just a careful explanation of my options.

I have been really happy with the result. The room looks beautiful and it is just like an extension. The fitters from Projects 4 Roofing were able to remove the interior conservatory doors so that it flows on from the kitchen and lounge. The ceiling is plastered and lit with spotlights. It is warm and cosy in there, even without heating, and is a lovely space for me to work in. The children really enjoy being in there and they don’t trip over the lip of the door frame anymore because it has been removed.

We call it the garden room now and I’m finally happy to let guests use the room instead of just closing the doors on it when people came over.

I was very pleased with Projects 4 Roofing, too. They were polite, turned up on time and worked quickly and efficiently – at one point there were eight people working on the conversion. The work was finished in a week and they did a great job. It is a huge area – the width of the kitchen and the lounge – so I was amazed at how quickly it was completed. I would definitely recommend Project 4 Roofing to anyone and the conservatory roof conversion has transformed my work space.

Mrs Kisler, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire