Composite Doors

Our long lasting, high security Composite doors, will transform your home beautifully, whilst giving you total peace of mind, when it comes to keeping unwanted visitors out.

The luxurious Royale collection, offers a fantastic 22 different styles, and a wide range of decorative glass options, for you to choose from. Please see our Composite door brochure for more information.

Door structure.

Our composite doors are made from breglass with steel reinforcement and a rigid,
high density, energy efficient polyurethane core, whilst giving you the appearance of a solid timber door.

Door furniture.

In our opinion, we have chosen the best looking door hinge on the market today. The dynamic 2D hinge is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and available in many different colours.

Colour Express.

The door outer frame is available in White, Rosewood and Golden Oak as standard for all our Classic Chamfered Suite. For the ‘Encore’ Fully Sculpted Suite, the unique colours extend to 9 variants inside or out.


Royale Composite Doors Brochure

Royale Composite Doors & Glass Brochure

Why Choose Our Composite Doors Swindon?

Our Composite Doors Swindon stand out for several compelling reasons:

1. Unmatched Security: We prioritise your safety. Our composite doors are built to withstand the test of time and deter unwanted visitors effectively.

2. Exceptional Style: Your home’s exterior makes a statement. Our extensive range of doors in Swindon includes a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect one to complement your property.

3. Built to Last: Swindon’s ever-changing weather won’t affect our composite doors. They are designed to resist wear, ensuring they look stunning for years.

4. Energy Efficiency: Save on energy bills with our doors. They provide excellent insulation, keeping your home cosy year-round.

5. Customisation: Tailor your door to your preferences. From colors to decorative glass options, we offer a range of customisations to suit your taste.

At Windows by Design, we’re committed to enhancing your home’s security and aesthetics. Our doors are an investment in the long-term well-being of your property. Elevate your Swindon home with our top-notch Composite Doors today.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation or get a quote. Discover the perfect composite door for your Swindon home.

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