The problem with our conservatory was that it was always the wrong temperature – too hot or too cold – and you couldn’t sit in there comfortably very often. It was also too bright so I couldn’t use my computer in there. I wanted to bring some plants inside but whenever I did they would quickly die off because they got too much sun or were too cold.

Then we heard about conservatory roof conversions and got a quote from Projects 4 Roofing. It all seemed to make good sense because it would give us a proper room with building regulations that could be counted as an extension. And the big differences in temperature would be sorted out.

I’m so glad that we decided to go ahead with the work. I don’t call it a conservatory now – it’s our garden room. It is much cosier than before and we haven’t lost the light feel in there. The white celling means that the room looks very light without the glare we used to get.

The more time goes by the happier I am with the result. I can have my computer in here now, which I couldn’t before because it was too bright to see the screen.

I said to my husband this was money well spent. It doesn’t feel like a conservatory any more – it is a real room attached to the house.

One of the things that I’m really pleased about is being able to move my bougainvillea plant into the new garden room. It looks beautiful in there but beforehand I had to keep it in the living room – where it was getting a little too big – because it didn’t like the changes in temperature. The insulation in the new roof means that my plants will grow in there happily now.

We use the room all the time now – in fact we will use it 365 days a year. It’s great for when friends come over and we want somewhere cosy to sit overlooking the garden. We like to play Scrabble in there and read. The garden room leads off the lounge and we could now make it all one room if we wanted by removing the old conservatory doors, but I like the separation at the moment. If I have a friend over for coffee we can sit in there whilst my husband can enjoy privacy watching TV.

I was happy with the service from Projects 4 Roofing; they were ready listen whenever I had a little problem and they talked it all through with me. It was all done very quickly and they had a couple of teams working on it. I would definitely recommend them to other people.

Mrs Tierney, Bar Hill