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Many people can’t enjoy their conservatory in summer because it’s just too hot, and in winter, it’s far too cold. The space gets wasted and the room is left empty much of the time. With a replacement conservatory roof solution, from GuardianTM Warm Roof, your conservatory will instantly become a comfortable, quiet, and enjoyable living space that you can use every single day – whatever the weather or temperature.

We are your local GuardianTM experts, and our installation team will transform your conservatory and turn it into a delightful home extension that you’ll be able to enjoy every season come rain or shine. Just sit back and enjoy the space.


The lightweight, thermally efficient, fully insulated GuardianTM roof system was designed and developed over a ten-year period and with one purpose – to replace the typical glass or polycarbonate roof that was used in the construction of most UK conservatories.

The main focus was on the dynamics and performance; however, the overall weight of the replacement roof, which needed to be installed onto the existing conservatory windows, doors, and frames, was always a big priority. During this period, extensive tests were carried out for both compliance and approval to very rigorous structural and thermal standards. The result is not only a brilliant product but also a very practical solution, one that has been the biggest home improvement.


There are a number of different conservatory styles, and we can offer solid replacement conservatory roofs for virtually any shape or size.

Read about the improvements we can make to the most common styles of roofs, but don’t worry if your conservatory isn’t listed as we offer a fully bespoke service for your replacement conservatory roofs.


On the outside, the GuardianTM roof comes with a great range of roof tiles to choose from to best match your home. On the inside, you can choose from a modern plastered finish, or if your room is naturally bright, a timber finish may be the better option. You can also enhance the light in the room by adding one or two skylights, and to finish off, why not add some contemporary L.E.D spotlights to bring the room to life in the dark winter evenings? Check out the full range of Guardian Roof Finishes here.


Guardian Roofs are fully energy efficient, achieving a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K. This enables a conservatory to be used as an extra living space all year round, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in winter. The GuardianTM roof is also fully approved by the LABC Local Authority Building Control and is fully guaranteed.

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    Lean To Tiled Conservatory Roof

    The Guardian Lean To replacement conservatory roof is ideal to maximise space at the rear of the house. The ends can either have one or two hips (slopes). Ideal for kitchen extensions, the roof can go as low as 15º with roof windows.


    • Ideal for kitchen extensions
    • Maximise space at the back of the house
    • Ends can have one or two slopes


    The Classic Sunroom shape. Together with attractive roof windows the Edwardian Guardian replacement conservatory roof is the traditional option for styling and convenience, maximising the room space below. Sympathetic to all house styles, the ridge of the roof is so versatile it can also be the perfect solution to a Bungalow extension.


    • Classic shape
    • Attractive design
    • Maximises room space

    Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof

    The Guardian Victorian replacement conservatory roof is also ideal if you may not have much available space in your garden. The internal plaster finish on the roof has an attractive appearance with its facet front finish.


    • Contemporary styling
    • More options for door positioning
    • 3-facet roof design

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    Double Hipped Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Ideal for bungalows
    • Existing low pitched roofs can be converted easily into this style
    • Highly versatile design

    Gable Front Tiled Conservatory Roof

    The Guardian Gable Front replacement conservatory roof main feature is the continuous height it brings to the room due to its long central ridge. The gable end allows you to get the most from your roof windows providing a light and airy space.


    • Suitable for replacement or new build
    • Continuous room height
    • Long ridge down the centre
    • Light and airy space

    Special Shaped (Custom) Tiled Conservatory Roofs

    The combination or P-shape Conservatory can allow you to have two different style living spaces under one Guardian™ solid roof. These spaces are extremely adaptable to create a unique, multi-purpose room to your exact specification.


    • Increases your options
    • P shape or T shape that can maximise your living space
    • Ideal for converting an old conservatory into a room
    • Perfect for bungalows